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Parsha Vayigash – Apostolic Readings, Commentary, and Videos


  • Genesis 44:18-46:27
    • Luke 23:33-43
    • Luke 24:1-12
    • Luke 24:13-35
    • John 3
    • John 11:1-44
  • Genesis 46:28-47:27
    • Matthew 10:16-20
    • Mark 12:13-17
    • John 12:44-50
    • John 14:1-4
    • Acts 7:9-14
    • 1 Corinthians 1:18-31

Additional Reading

Videos Related to Parsha Vayigash

  • Joseph as a Prophecy of Jesus – Joseph’s life is one of the clearest living prophecies of the Messiah in all of Scripture. There are remarkable parallels between Joseph, Daniel, David, and Yeshua, but especially between Joseph and Yeshua (aka Jesus).
  • Matthew 4:23-25 and Jesus’ Syrian Fan Base – Yeshua began his ministry in the Galilee, teaching and healing in the towns where he grew up. Although people from Galilee, Judea, and the Decapolis all followed him, it was only in Syria that his fame spread in those early days. Why Syria? The answer lies in the geography, politics, and culture of the region, but especially in human nature.
  • Proverbs 21:3 and Pure Religion – If your religion doesn’t help to conform your heart to God’s, then it’s false and probably involves more worship of self than anything else.

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