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Parsha Va’eira – Apostolic Readings, Links, and Videos

New Testament passages to study with Torah portion Va'eira (Exodus 6-9), plus commentary and videos.


  • Exodus 6:2-7:18
    • Matthew 10:16-20
    • Luke 1:67-80
    • Acts 8:4-25
    • Romans 2:26-29
  • Exodus 7:19-8:19 (English) / 8:15 (Hebrew)
    • Matthew 10:5-15
    • John 2:1-13
    • Revelation 8:8-9
    • Revelation 16:3-7
    • Revelation 16:12-16
  • Exodus 8:20-9:35 (English) / 8:16-9:35 (Hebrew)
    • Romans 9:17-24
    • 1 Timothy 2:1-4
    • Revelation 8:7
    • Revelation 16:2
    • Revelation 16:8-9
    • Revelation 16:17-21

Additional Reading

Videos Related to Parsha Va’eira

  • The Wisdom and Kindness of Serpents (Matthew 10:16-20) – What does it mean to be wise as serpents and innocent as doves? Well, one thing it definitely doesn’t mean it’s to be venomous and offensive. If you are living a life in the footsteps of Messiah Yeshua, the world will hate you. But the people of the world aren’t necessarily your enemies. They are under the sway of your enemy; their minds are held captive by someone who hates them as much as he hates you.
  • Signs Pointing to God, Matthew 16:1-12 – Yeshua didn’t do miracles to entertain anyone. Everything he did was intended to teach us about God and his plan of redemption. The world is full of signs pointing to God if you’re willing to see them. Some people just refuse to open their eyes.

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