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Parsha Bechukotai – Apostolic Readings, Links, and Videos

New Testament passages to study with Torah portion Bechukotai, Leviticus 26:3-27:34, plus links to commentary and teaching videos.


  • Leviticus 26:3-46
    • Matthew 9:18-26
    • Luke 10:1-20
    • Ephesians 3
  • Leviticus 27
    • 1 Corinthians 1
    • Titus 3

Additional Reading

Videos Related to Parsha Bechukotai

  • Has the Abomination of Desolation in Matthew 24 Already Happened? – Yeshua said that, when we see the Abomination of Desolation prophesied in Daniel 11:31, those in Judea should immediately flee to the mountains, that the greatest tribulation mankind has ever seen is about to begin. There are four general ways to interpret all Biblical prohecy, but only one of them fits what Yeshua said in this chapter.
  • Joshua 23:4-8 and Thanksgiving – What’s the best way to express our gratitude for all that God has given us?
  • Sin, Grace, and Law in Romans 5:20-21 – God didn’t give Moses his Law in order to create sin where it didn’t exist before, but to magnify the sin we were already committing, so that nobody could deny it. Once we are made aware of our sin by the witness of the written commandments, we are also made aware of our need for God’s grace.

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