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Take A Stand Now

I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ. (Philippians 1:6)

There is a certain philosophy that believes humanity can pull itself up by the bootstraps, that we can mold and shape each other into the very image of perfection through legislation, indoctrination, and public shaming. The great problem with this philosophy is that it is diametrically opposed to the declarations of the only one who has ever been perfect, and how can people who start by rejecting the ultimate source of all perfection, make anyone else perfect.

With the singular exception of Yeshua, every great man and woman throughout history suffered one or many terrible personal flaws. Benjamin Franklin was a philanderer. Thomas Jefferson harbored a number of serious heresies. He and George Washington owned large numbers of people who were unjustly enslaved. Martin Luther and John Chrysostom were virulently anti-semitic.

My purpose isn’t to tear down the great men of history, but to point out that expecting perfection of anyone is absurd. We agree on the core tenets of moral behavior without demanding absolute conformity in every detail. Yet we are surrounded by a massive cabal of fools who threaten violence and social reprisals against anyone who expresses the slightest disapproval of the behavior of some people or the slightest tolerance of the mere words of some other people. They call it “social justice”, but it’s only antisocial perversion. As they’ve done with everything, they’ve turned the words upside down. They claim to be making America better while they gleefully destroy everything that once made her great. They lie and lie and twist every good and beautiful thing until it’s as foul and deceitful as they are.

Open tolerance of sin is not a virtue.

Not even our greatest heroes were perfect, but we don’t praise them for their flaws. We praise them for what they did right. We tolerate the sins of people who aren’t proud of them, and we support our weaker brothers who acknowledge their weakness, because only God can make people perfect and that ideal will never be realized in this mortal span. Meanwhile, our backwards, degraded culture praises the most depraved behavior and vociferously condemns anyone who speaks out against it no matter what that person’s accomplishments might be. If we are to survive, we must reverse this trend.

You can start by never apologizing for condemning open sin. Your disapproval of someone’s personal behavior outside the workplace is rarely relevant to your job, so when you are attacked in the workplace for opposing homosexuality or abortion or feminism, stand your ground. Your enemy will eventually cannibalize even his own, so apologizing will almost never save you. “I just want to be left alone,” is so much whispering into the wind. They will not leave you alone. When the man to your right has been eviscerated for his so-called extremism, you will become the next “extremist.” The Social Justice Warriors will not allow you to escape this fight. They will demand your abject surrender no matter how hard you try to keep your head down.

Take a stand now while there are still some willing to stand with you, while there is still something worth saving. If you have to go down, you might as well go down fighting, with honor instead of humiliation. I guarantee that there will be people who will admire your principled stand. Some of them might even be able to offer you work. People everywhere are tired of being bullied simply for having principles. Many of them are ready to fight back and just need an example to follow.

Don’t forget that it is far from certain that you will go down at all. These hateful people are almost never as strong as they make themselves out to be. Make them fight for every inch and never give back any ground once taken.

Witness the massive pushbacks that are happening in the computer gaming and science fiction industries. If you aren’t familiar with these controversies, search for “Gamer Gate” and “Sad Puppies”. The gamers, writers, and fans involved aren’t always exemplars of biblical virtue, but a few people took a stand against overbearing, politically correct bullies, and they sparked a fire in a parched forest. In both arenas the backlash against progressive, anti-moral ideologues has been marvelous to watch. I encourage you to support both battles in whatever way you can.

We are in the midst of a cultural war and there is no neutral ground.

Join this fight today and begin washing the fetid stench of godlessness and antinomianism from America. Pin, tweet, share, and reblog this post for other Christian and Jewish patriots. This is a war for the very survival of our nation and our civilization, and every able-bodied, God-fearing man and woman is our militia.

Take a Stand Now Against SJWs. Put them on the run.
We are in the midst of a cultural war & every able-bodied, God-fearing man & woman is our militia.

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